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Welcome to my Blog. 


I’m Mary Cheung, an orphan born in the ‘50s.  In those days, the social caste in Hong Kong was not that far apart, lives were simple and much at ease.  It was a time full of humanity and compassion. 


Looking back, my life has been an amazing journey, showered by the abundant blessings from the LORD.  


I grew up in Po Leung Kuk, a charity organization; and received the best of care and education during my childhood and adolescence.  I accepted Christ as my Savior and was baptized in 1986.  Determined to follow the Lord, I’ve committed myself to serve Him and let Him lead my way.


1975 was a special and memorable year as I was crowned Miss Hong Kong.  I am the Founder and Managing Director of Mary Cheung & Associates (International) Ltd.  The company was launched in 1996; my daily work includes corporate branding, marketing, public relation, and training as well as personal image development.


My passion in art and painting goes back a long way. Even at a very young age, painting has always been my favorite pastime and also the best antidote when I was downcast.  Every stroke and line was a way to express my sentiments.


I have left my paint brush idle for years while tending to my growing family, work, business and other responsibilities. But deep down, I always know that I will continue to pursue my passion, it’s just a matter of time.


During the course of my life, I’ve traveled extensively throughout the world.  In the late ‘80s, I was involved in voluntary work with many charitable organizations.  It was during those trips that I started to photograph what I was exposed to.  Not only did I travel to many countries, I also visited some very primitive places and came face to face with the underprivileged families.


It is my hope to capture the essence of ‘Truth, Compassion and Beauty’ through the camera lens and to convey God’s word of ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ to you all.



‘Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass.’ (Psalm 37:5)


16 回應 to “About Mary”

  1. I can fel your life is full of friutable and enjoy your life, because you understand what is “life" in your path.

  2. Thank you for dropping by my Blog. I hope you will have a fruitful life ahead. Are you attending any church?

    Please continue to visit and forward this blog to your friends & family. God Bless.

  3. Dear Mary:

    I am so touched by your stories at the WHEN luncheon yesterday. Thank you for sharing that with us. You are my inpiration and I want to know more about God.

    • Dear Lily,

      I’m honored to be the guest speaker of the Women’s Heart Engaging Network (WHEN) luncheon in Vancouver. It was great meeting all those wonderful Ladies. Praise the Lord for all the opportunities for me to serve Him and sharing the gospel in so many occasions.
      I’m hoping to join the next WHEN Retreat if time permits, it was unfortunate that I wasn’t able to participate last time when Kari invited me. Please send my regards to Kari and Rita please. Warmest regards.

      • Dear Mary:

        I was up at 5:00 a.m. this morning and was checking my email and I was so thrilled to see your reply to my message. You are truly an amazing lady with so much energy and so talented. How did you find time to do so many things and doing it so well?.. I enjoyed reading your Blog and I learned so much about love and faith in God’s words.

  4. Hi Mary,

    I attended your speech at Polytechnic yesterday evening. I was very impressed by your speech. When I first saw one of your interviews in TV, I was already attracted by your connotation and your points of views.

    Thanks for sharing your point of view to us yesterday evening. I joined more than hundred of seminars or speeches before but I can say I can only and really get something from your speech, especially for the meaning of “respect” and “sympathy”. Though these are only simple and common words, I never really apply it in my marriage before you reminded us yesterday. I always have bad-temper on my husband and after yesterday evening, I’ll think of these 2 words when I start to become angry on my husband. I hope it can help to improve our relationship. Let me tell you later if it really works on me.

    I am a working mother and have 2 sons. I also start to think of developing my own business. I also gain opportunities from my job to meet and have business with different cultures of people globally. You really inspirit me that we can develop our own business with our daily experiences. Of course, you are a very successful case.

    Congratulate for the graduation of your son to be a doctor, enjoy such joyful moment with your family in Australia. I’ll start to listen to your radio program on Sat night. Thanks again to share your experience and views to us.

    Best Regards,

    • Thank you for your praises & sharing.

      A life in harmony comes from a good relationship and forgiveness.

      I await your good news. God be with you.

  5. Hi Mary,




    • 多謝你的留言。
      我的電台節目是逢星期六晚上九時至十一時 (21:00 – 23:00),於新城電台FM997播出,歡迎你收聽。

  6. Dear Mary,

    Hello! I’m Alice, how are you? I’ve been listening to your programme since 104 FM Select, well, it’s almost 12-13 years. Always like the music that you’ve choosen, especially the 60s & 70s music. You’ve always protrayed a very positive message on your programme. Meanwhile, like to hear your sharings about life, music and Christianity.
    It’s good that finally you got your own blog, and it’s so meaningful to all of your fans.

    Keep up the good work – Mary


  7. Dear Alice,

    Thank you, I’m glad you like my radio show.
    I thoroghly enjoy hosting the program, if not, I wouldn’t have done it for so many years. Anyhow, I much prefer to have an afternoon radio program than one at night. Due to my work schedule, it’s hard for me to reply promptly.
    You’re cordially invited to join my sharing session on July 18th at a church at 2:00pm. Please check my company website http://www.marycheung.com.hk under ‘What’s News’ for details.
    Looking forward to seeing you. God Bless.

  8. Dear Mary,

    I have heard about your story: being a Miss Hong Kong, build a company, doing charity work, etc. You are a successful lady, striking balance in many categories in your life. As university students, we can learn from you in many areas. I am wondering if you will be interest to be our guest in the high table dinner, sharing with us about your fascinating life.

    Our first High Table Dinner is a traditional function of the University of Hong Kong, aiming at highlighting the start of the term by teaching table manner. It consists of a formal dinner and a high table talk. In the talk, the guest will share with students some experience and ideas. And this time, your expertise could help University student to learn about the correct manner.

    This high table dinner will be held on 24 September 2009 at about 6pm to 10pm. It will be our great honor to have you as our guest to know more about your life and experience. I look forward to your reply. You can contact me by maxmak89@gmail.com. I can give you more details about the dinner through email.

    Thank you very much.

    Representative of Lee Hysan Hall student association

  9. Hi Mary,

    I just feel blessed to be a listener to your Saturday night’s radio program (which I am listening right now!). You choice of music and your voice is just wonderful. Thank you!

    I really admire how you take on the walk of life, and the passion that you possess. Once again, you are making me to rethink again where I am and your reminder to leave it to our god, which I must admit I am still learning to let go.

    Thank you for all the things that you have been giving back to the society and the act of love to others, which I am touched that with so many celebrities and the wealthy in town, it is rare that I can feel that they are doing it from the bottom of their heart or it is just an act to ‘buy hearts’! My hat off to you!

    Lastly, I will like to say this blog is really great that I never imagine that I ever have the opportunity to say thank you to you in this direct way without this invention!

    God bless!


  10. Thank you Mary, you make Saturday nights become beautiful and slow..

  11. 妳的作品確是能觸動我心, 謝謝妳的付出, 妳的生命確是能改變我的看法和對生命的價值感激有妳



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