感恩 (Thanksgiving)


感恩 (Thanksgiving)
以色列 中東  Israel Middle East 2005

新天新地,從宇宙開始的第一天 己擁有她獨特的氣質與內在美,石塊上不斷擴展的銹色,扭結頑強的樹紋、浩瀚磅礴的原野,路邊的一個水中倒影, 都是自然,情真。

這位創造天地的主果真是一位世界上最傑出的藝術家,不管過路人是否察覺衪的存在,仍殷勤地為世界塗添姿彩, 一年四季,春夏秋冬, 都各有獨特誘人的氣息。

常感歎人的智慧有限, 往往未能明白上主的心意和宇宙的奧秘。

真、善、美, 從世界開始的第一天便存在, 但是我們又可曾領會呢?



As the new world descended upon us, its beauty and unique charisma have been reflected through its magnificent wonders. The rocks’ colors spread like a painter’s palette; the intertwining networks of twigs and branches; the breathtaking fields and street side reflections, all are natural wonders that touch the heart.

Praised for His creative artistry, The Creator really is the most ingenious artist. His existence acknowledged or not by humans alike, does not matter, as He paints the world with artful sincerity and honesty, the reflections of truth and beauty. All seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter bear the seductive yet indulging beauty.

Boasting on human intelligence, often times our incompatibilities are once again shown as we fail to understand and acknowledge the Creator’s will and mysteries of the universe.
Truth, Compassion, and Beauty — the long standing pillars standing ever since the world exists, but are they standing firmly in our hearts?

“When I see your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have put in their places – What is man, that you keep him in mind? the son of man, that you take him into account?"


~ 由 張瑪莉 於 14/10/2009.

12 回應 to “感恩 (Thanksgiving)”

  1. Dear Mary,
    I like your program on the radio.
    I like the sony you play.
    I am only a small potato.
    I am a private teacher in Maths.
    I love GOD and (hope so) everyone and my family.
    Anyway GOD bless

  2. Hello,Mary!

  3. Hello Mary!
    I am your “radio fan". I enjoy listening to your programme very much. Your words and music are inspiring.
    Do you like"You needed Me" by Anne Murray? It’s a song to praise God.


  4. 感恩,交托,祝福
    that’s what i pray in each prayer.

  5. Hi Vennie,

    I like Anne Murray’s ‘You Needed Me" too. Will play it this weekend on my the Merry Mary Show. : )

    Blessings in Him.

  6. Aunite Mary,
    I am very impressed by this week’s program with Regina Yip. I learnt so much from both of you.by the way, just read a book written by you about manner, haha.
    Waiting for more oldies play on every Saturday!

    God Bless you,

    • Glad that you like the Merry Mary Show on July 18th with Regina Yip. If any of your friends have missed the show, they could listen to the program again by logging onto Metro Radio at:
      I used to have a Sunday afternoon program (16:00 to 18:00) at Metro Finance FM 104 three years ago that I interviewed and talked to guests weekly. If you are interested in any particular guests, I certainly can invite he/she to be on the Merry Mary Show every Saturday on Metro Info FM 997 (21:00-23:00).

      I’m sure they will bring along some of their favorite songs to share with us…..stay tuned. God Bless.

  7. haha, i didn’t know that you’ve a programme at FM 104, i am just a “little" girl.
    anyway, glad to know we are both born in august. happy birthday to you and me!

  8. Auntie Mary:
    我也喜歡Janice Ian, 尤其是她的At Seventeen, 在我還是十七歲的時候聽得特別有味道。 哈不知道是否有At eighteen 呢?


  9. It was my first time to hearing your radio program yesterday when I returned home very earily and traced any interested program accidentally. Your selected old songs and sharing made me much comfortable. (A;though I bought your testimonial CD for a period, I didn’t open the case to read it. What’s a pity!) If the radio program has the archive, I may listen the past program. Hope to listen your sharing again. See you…

  10. As of today (Sept 8) more than more than 11,000 visitors had hit on your BLOG. Praise the Lord for that. Please continue to share more Bible verses, testimonies, gosel to the bloggers out there.
    May your work be abundant in bringing salvation to others. Amen.

  11. Auntie Mary, thanks for choosing the song “You needed me" tonight! I am listening to your programme now 🙂 Wish you have a great day and happy mid-autumn festival!
    God Bless You,



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